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Feeling Unmotivated?

The third Monday of January is never the best day of the year, even in better times... Have you lost your mo-jo? Has your ‘get up and go’, ‘got up and gone’? If so, read on…

In these times, it is easy to lose track of many things, from days of the week, to targets, to energy and drive.

Motivation is our driving force. It’s what gives us the ‘oomph’, to do something. Many of us rely on routines, from waking at a certain time, the journey to work, attending meetings, or seeing friends for coffee. All these seem a distant memory for many of us.

Simple things like set meal times, daily walks, domestic chores, and the very smallest of targets, provide time markers during the day, give a sense of achievement and provide a degree or order, in what is currently a very disordered world. Don’t beat yourself up, take a step back and see your achievements.

We don’t have to change the world, instead, be kind to yourself and feel good at the small steps you take each day. Whether that is going for a walk, tidying the lounge, or writing an essay. We all have our own mini hurdles to overcome.

I have found the last year a challenge, but I look back and see clear moments of small celebrations, and for that I am proud.

May the Force be with You...

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